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Powerplay - The Game Of The Gods

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468.58 Ko
Manual n° 1 in PDF format
Notice en espagnol (6 pages)
Transféré par Loïc DANEELS


1.12 Mo
Manual n° 2 in PDF format
Notice en français (12 pages)
Transféré par Tom Et Jerry du GPA


2.1 Mo
Manual n° 3 in PDF format
Notice en anglais (14 pages)
Transféré par Loïc DANEELS

Manual n° 4

Real size : 3803 * 659 px = 802.47 Ko

Manual n° 5

Real size : 3496 * 1240 px = 684.8 Ko

Manual n° 6

Power Play By Arcana Software Design Re-Released by Players Quite an enjoyable little puzzle game with upto four players. Keys : Keyb 1 Keyb 2 Joy Left Answer Cursor Left T Left Right Answer Cursor Right Y Right Top Answer Cursor Up 6 Up Bottom Answer Cursor Down G Down Keyboard Joystick Move Back J Fire and Up Move Forward N Fire and Down Move Left X Fire and Left Move Right C Fire and Right Move Back-Left A Fire and Up-Left Move Back-Right K Fire and Up-Right Move Fwd-Left M Fire and Down-Left Move Fwd-Right Z Fire and Down-Right

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