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Striker Manager

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STRIKER MANAGER - CULT As a young striker in a struggling 4th division side, when your old manager is sacked, no one comes forward for the job. You are then given the job of managing the 1st squad. Trying to stop you gaining promotion from the first of 4 English Divisions are 15 other teams. You must try an win the FA & EUFA Cups, with the possibility of managing a side in Europe just around the corner or even a national team & playing for the World Cup. Using all your skill and judgement, you have to survive on the pitch, using your shooting skills. Off the pitch you must keep your club financially secure and on the way up. Have you got what it takes ? SELECT TEAM PAGE ABBREVIATIONS GK - Goalkeeping Skills DF - Defending Skills MD - Midfield Skills AT - Attacking Skills FT - Fitness PLAYER DETAILS To select your team, use U & D to move the highlighted bar up and down. Press P to pick a player, then the R at the left-hand side of the screen changes to a P (for picked). The number of players picked is indicated at the bottom left of the screen. You must select 11 players. Pressing P again will deselect a player. If you have less than 11 players, you can go to the buy players page and obtain free transfers to make up your squad. PLAYER DATA This page displays various statistics about your players. Use the U key for up and D for down to select the player to view in your squad. To change the player's name, press the N key. Press the P - physio to improve the fitness of your player, if you have any physio points to improve the skill of your player. Press C - coach if you have any coach points. The number of times you are allowed to use your physio and coach is displayed on the top right-hand part of the screen as coach and physio points. To place your player on the transfer market press S - sell, until Y replaces N. then go to the list offers page, press the corresponding key to sell the player. There are different styles that each footballer in your squad can play. Pressing the T key will alternate between these styles; depending on how aggressive you want him to play YOUR RECORD / CAREER HISTORY M - Manager PSN - Highest Position Obtained FA - FA Cup Wins EU - European Cup Wins P - PLAYER APS - Appearances in Leagues & Cups GLS - Goals in Leagues & Cups MDL - Medals in Leagues & Cups During the match 'S' to shoot at goal.

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