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Ball Breaker II

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BALLBREAKER II ============== Ballbreaker is a State of the Art coin-op quality arcade game. The original Ballbreaker represented a new concept in fast action 3D game-play and was well received by the critics. We invited three famous software personalities to join the Zen Room team and create a celebrity hit. They have done, to create Ballbreaker II. The designers are Ian Andrews, creator of Driller and C.A.G to name but two hits. Jez Sands, author of the awesome best seller Starglider. Simon Rockman, dynamic Editor of Amstrad User and games connoisseur extraordinaire. The Zen Room, CRL's development facility and creator of Tau Ceti, Rocky Horror Show an Academy to name but a few, have combined together to make Ballbreaker II a dramatic 25 screen sequel to one of the most exciting new games yet devised. AMSTRAD ------- To load cassette press control and Enter keys. To load Disk type Run "Disc". SPECTRUM -------- To load cassette press Load "". Ballbreaker II has been programmed an designed to test your reaction and mental power. To help us with this we asked some Europe's best games minds to design different screens. The first five have been created by Simon Rockman, Editor of Amstrad User. 1. ACU 2. SILICON 7 3. BLOCK ZAPPER 4. WIN BIN 5. THATSIT The next five were designed by Jeremy Sands, the creator of the smash hit StarGlider. 1. HAVE A BALL 2. ROLL UP 3. ROCK AROUND THE BLOCK 4. HIGH ROLLER 5. AFTER THE BALL WAS OVER Then we asked Ian Andrews, the man behind G.A.C. and Freescapes Driller. 1. SPEHRE WE GO AGAIN 2. COMBINATION BLOCK 3. BLOCK'N ROLL 4. BLOCK AND TACKLE 5. BALL CONT-ROLL The Zen Room was next CRL's creative and programming office, responsitive for games like Dracula, Jack the Ripper, Rocky Horror Show, Tau Ceti, Academy, Jet Boys and Vengeance. 1. "ADRAIN'S WALL" 2. "UP THE WALL" 3. "LIKE BLOCKWORK" 4. "NEW BALLS PLEASE" 5. "NEVER MIND THE BLOCKS" Finally Clement Chambers, the man that designed Ballbreaker. 1. "FROG CRYING OUT LOUD" 2. "A BRICK TOO FAR" 3. "BALL OF DEATH" 4. "GET THE BALL ROLLING" 5. "RIBBITING STUFF" If you have got this far you deserve a bonus so here are five more screens FREE. 1. "C FOR YOURSELF" 2. "R YOU STILL WITH US?" 3. "L'S BELLS" 4. "BRICKFAST TIME" 5. "WALL OF FAME"

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