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Ball Crazy

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THE GAME You certainly will be Ball crazy by the end of this game, not to mention obsessed and slightly demented! Try to concentrate on the aim of the game which is to bounce Erik the ball around the screen to change the colours of the blocks as indicated, but at the same time you'll need to keep an eye our for the "Chasers" who will hound you all the time and try to prevent you from grabbing the bonus objects which come your way. GAMEPLAY Use Erik the ball, to change the colour of the block at the base of the screen to the colour indicated at the top. The indicator is a brick situated beneath the shape funnel, and at the start of every new layer it is highlighted with flashing arrows for five seconds. When all the blocks are the same colour a new layer is placed on top of the last. This will happen until there are 4 layers on the screen and then the screen will be cleared and a new background used. There are eight different backgrounds in total. Whilst Erik attempts to change the colours he is constantly hounded by the "Chasers" who appear in a variety of forms, including rings, links of a chain, a box (with a tongue!) and a cluster of balls. They will always move diagonally bouncing off the screen walls and the bricks. It is possible to shoot them with an air gun, but that's assuming you have a bullet! BONUS OBJECTS These are very useful, so watch out for them. The Satellite - a large orange spheres circled by a ring of smaller sphere moving in a spiral pattern. This provides a helmet for a short period of time and protects Erik from the Chasers. The Air Tank - an orange cylinder with the letters A.I.R. scrolling around its centre. This gives Erik an extra life. The Bullet Canister - a silver horizontal cylinder with the characters X10 and X5 scrolling vertically across its centre, provides you with extra bullets. The Tick - a green tick spinning around a vertical axis. This corrects the colour of all bricks on the current layer. The Five Pound Note - a coloured rectangle which adds extra points. CONTROLS Keyboard or Kempston Joystick A - Left Bounce S - Right Bounce L - Stay Down Enter - Fire Space - Pause/Unpause

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