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Double Dare

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DOUBLE DARE (Alternative Software) At last the MESSIEST game show on TV is now on your computer. We will tax your brain cells in the QUIZ! We will test your reactions in the PHYSICAL CHALLENGES! - and if that's not enough ... we will SLIME YOU, GUNGE YOU and rattle your nerves in the ASSAULT COURSE! ... PHEW! GAMEPLAY The question master will ask a variety of questions with multiple choice answers. Using the joystick, you may select any of the three answers (your choice will be highlighted) or move across the board to 'Dare' the answer to the other team. The other team may then answer the question or 'Double Dare' it back. Then you may answer the question or take the 'Challenge'. If you answer the question correctly, you will be awarded points, and will be asked another question. If you answer incorrectly, or if the other team answers correctly when dared, or if you do not complete the challenge, the other team will be awarded the points and will be asked the next question. PART ONE - THE CHALLENGES 1. PLACE THE FACE The left-hand side of the screen shows a scrambled picture of a famous person. On the right side is shown the completed picture for reference. Use the joystick or keyboard controls to re-arrange the blocks into their correct order within a given time. The time remaining is shown by a gradually diminishing line underneath the pictures. 2. FOLLOW THE LEADER The screen shows four coloured lights which will light up in random sequences. You must copy the sequence of lights by moving the joystick in the correct directions or by pressing the appropriate directional keys. The light sequence will increase in complexity up to a maximum of six steps. If you do not repeat the sequence correctly, the challenge will end there and then. 3. PYRAMID POWER The screen shows three wooden pegs, on the leftmost peg are stacked a set of coloured hoops which are arranged in order of size. By using the number keys to select firstly your start peg then your destination peg, you must stack up the hoops on the rightmost peg in the correct order without putting a larger hoop on top of a smaller one. A diminishing coloured bar shows the time remaining. PART TWO - THE ASSAULT COURSE If you are lucky enough to win the questions and challenges round, you will be invited to take on the Double Dare assault course. You must collect all ten flags which are hidden around the course. Not all of the locations are obvious, so try everything! A word of warning - avoid the gunge tanks or you'll be slimed! LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Spectrum 128K mode: Press (enter) on loader. 48K mode: Press 'J' then " key twice, followed by (enter). Follow on-screen instructions for multi-load sections. C64 Press (shift); (run/stop) together, then (enter). Follow on-screen instructions for multi-load sections. Amstrad Press (control); small (enter) then large (enter). Follow on-screen instructions for multi-load sections. GETTING STARTED After the game has loaded, you will be asked if you wish to load new questions. If the answer is 'Yes', follow the on-screen instructions. If 'No' the game will progress to the control set-up. CONTROLS (MAIN GAME) JOYSTICK UP | LEFT <-- + --> RIGHT FIRE = SELECT | DOWN KEYBOARD Q = UP, A = DOWN, O = LEFT, P = RIGHT, SPACE = SELECT CONTROLS (ASSAULT COURSE) JOYSTICK REACH | LEFT <-- + --> RIGHT FIRE = JUMP | DOWN KEYBOARD Z = LEFT, X = RIGHT, P = REACH, L = JUMP [Inlay doesn't say what 'DOWN' key is here. JimG] In all challenges, controls are same as main game, except for the "Pyramid Stacking" game, in which you use the number keys 1-2-3. SCORING 10 points Each correct answer 20 points Answering 'Dared' question 40 points Answering 'Double Dared' question or completing a challenge These points are doubled during 'Double Double Dare'. (c) 1991 MTV Networks. All Rights Reserved. Double Dare is a registered trademark of MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc. (c) Alternative Software Ltd.

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