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AIM : Your mission is to fly the only space craft available to destroy the orbital Space Stations. This is the last chance for the people of Earth, for their orbiting masters will never again allow them another chance to regain their freedom. You must not fail! GAMEPLAY : * Pick up barrels to gain extra fuel, indicated on the right of the screen. * Pick up delta wings to gain extra lves, indicated on the bottom of the screen. * Pick up bombs and use them to destroy enemy fighters and rockets, the number of bombs you have is indicated on the bottom of the screen. * Pick up the double-winged craft to gain an extra rear-facing laser, indicated by the doors bottom left. * Avoid rocks, explosions, other craft and mines. Shoot barrels, ships and bombs to destroy them. * Use the scanner, top right, to identify the position of the Stations. * Shoot the centre of the Space Stations to destroy them. Shooting the outside pods does not disable the Stations - be careful of their missiles. Destroy all the Space Stations to complete the wave. * The condition indicator tells you of any hostile fighters - these are also indicated on the scan. The formation indicator tells you the exact formation used by the hostile fighters. Use these instruments to plan your tactics. * When the docking indicator is on, as at the start of the game, you may dock with motherships for protection. Picking up the miniature motherships turns the indicator off. Docking with the indicator off will send you to a different part of the screen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- KEYS : Redefinable

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