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Manual n° 2

2in1 Version 1.03 ================= WSCNVRT.COM ----------- This small utility program is now included external to the 2in1 system. It allows you to translate text files from WordStar DOCument format to standard ASCII or vice versa. The tranlation TO ASCII will also work on most other (i.e.non- WordStar) 16-bit wordprocessor files. To convert a file, type A>WSCNVRT at the CP/M prompt. You will then be offered a menu of three choices : 1. WordStar -> ASCII 2. ASCII -> WordStar (Intelligent) 3. ASCII -> WordStar (Dumb) After selecting an option, you will be asked for the name of the file you wish to convert and the name of the new file you want to write the results to. Option 1 will filter all control codes (other than tabs, CRs, LFs, FFs) from the text and strip all the top biuts from character to produce standard 7-bit ASCII. Options 2 and 3 will do the reverse, producing a file in WordStar DOCument format with "soft" CRs at the end of lines to permit easy reformatting of paragraphs. Option 2 will attempt to do this intelligently by preserving hard CRs after lines in tables, headings, etc. Option 3 simply reformats with soft CRs at the end of EVERY line within paragraphs; do NOT then carry out a global (^QQB) reformat on such a file if there are any special areas of text within it (e.g. tables, indented paragraphs or fancy headings). LocoScript versions 1.2 and above on the PCW can read and write text files in standard ASCII format. Most PC/MS-DOS wordprocessors such as Microsoft Word can also do so, or (even better) can read WordStar format files. Please refer to your Wordprocessor manual to determine the most effective way of transferring text between it and LocoScript. Moonstone Computing January 1989 ****** END ******

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