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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games

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_ /------------------\ | BUFFALO RODEO | | BILL'S GAMES | \-----------------_/ SPECTRUM -------- DISK: Press <ENTER> on loader option or in +3 Basic type LOAD"DISK" <ENTER> CASSETTE: LOAD"" press <ENTER> The tape has both 48k and 128k versions. AMSTRAD ------- DISK: RUN"DISK" CASSETTE: RUN" and press ENTER twice TITLE PAGE: ----------- H = High Scores R = Re-Define Keys Keys 1 - 4 = Number of players EVENTS: ------- Keys 1 - 6 = Selects Event (Toggle Y/N) LEVEL ----- Keys 1 - 3 = 1 - Easy 2 - Medium 3 - Hard KEYS 1 - 4 EACH PLAYER CAN SELECT EITHER JOYSTICK OR KEYBOARD. (Remember to stop tape after title page has loaded and the text scrolls along bottom) (Stop tape after each event has loaded in, try to remember where tape counter was in case of load error !) After you have finished playing all the events and wish to replay, rewind either side of the tape and press PLAY. There will be a gap before loading of first Event. KNIFE THROWING -------------- The aim of this event is to throw your knives at the target without hitting your assistant. The closer you get to the centre of the board, the higher your score. But watch those knives otherwise she could come to a sticky end ! Move joystick Left and Right Up and Down + Fire Button. TRICK SHOOTING: --------------- You'll have to be quick on the draw to become the fastest gun around. Shoot the targets as they pop up but don't shoot innocent people in the back or the Sheriff or you'll lose points and a lot more besides if they send out a posse ! Part 2 of Trick Shooting is shooting bottles thrown into the air, show off your marksmanship and shoot the bottles before they hit the ground. Move joystick Left and Right Up and Down + Fire Button. Space Bar reloads. BRONCO RIDING: -------------- Pit your stamina and balance against a mean, bucking bronco and hold on until the dusk settles. To remain seated on the horse push the joystick in the opposite direction of the highlighted arrows on the direction icon. Don't allow the arrow to reach the end otherwise you'll be in for a fall. Watch your score increase the longer you stay on. Remain balanced on the horse by keeping the balanceometer centred in the middle. If you allow the segments to reach the end of the arrow icon you will fall off. STAGE COACH RESCUE: ------------------- The scene is set, the Indian has ambushed the last Stage and the occupants are in dead trouble. Your job is to board the stage whilst ducking and weaving the luggage the Indian throws at you, to hinder your prgress. Once you've come alongside you climb up onto the Stage and engage the Indian in combat to gain control of the coach. Your mission is timed, therefore speed is of the essence. Waggle joystick Left and Right to make the horse run up to the stagecoach. When you are alongside press Fire to climb aboard. To fight the Indian push Up for head punch press Down for stomach punch, press Left to block. CALF ROPING ----------- The crowd is cheering, the sun is shining, the atmosphere is electric. The gate is opened and the calf is away. Follow the calf using your skill and judgment, slip the lasso over the calf's head and bring it to a halt in the quickest time. Move joystick Up and Down Left and Right When you get close to the calf press Fire Button to throw the Lasso and then press Left and press Fire to pull it up to a halt. STEER WRESTLING: ---------------- The idea is to chase the steer and when you are close enough jump on it and take hold of it's horns. Use all your strength and leverage to overbalance it and get it on the floor. Again this event is timed. Up, Down, Left and Right. When you get close enough press Fire to jump on to the steer. Waggle joystick Left and Right to overbalance the Steer.

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