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Breakpoint 2010 - Fairy [CPC+]

Manual n° 1

Executable music Oldschool contribution for Breakpoint 2010. Music name: Fairy Tracker: Soundtracker DMA (beta) Machine: Amstrad 6128 Plus Contributor: Zik/Futurs' Content: FAIRY - binary executable (music + tracker) fairy.dsk - DSK disc image (contain the above binary file) fairy.ogg - music recorded on the real hardware fairy.txt - this file! Warning: This music does NOT run properly on any current emulator (SID voice are defect). Please use the real hardware or listen the OGG file. Run instructions: - type run"fairy" - wait for loading and unpacking, - then, just go to the "PLAY" menu item and press SPACE. The tracker has been started several years ago and is still under development. It is bundled with the music as an alpha demonstration. It features variable rate instrument, SID voice and sample support. Feel free to contact me: Zik@cpcscene.com Special thanks to Grimmy for packing (I will buy you a 1kg M&Ms pack)! http://www.cpcscene.com 02-April-2010

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