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Guide par Christophe DEPECKER le 04/06/2021

- Three large stones: Repeal the X-shaped monster that heads to you in some rooms + increase energy (throw them at him)
- *Vanishing herb: Remove the yellow rock that blocks the path to the north (drop it left to the rock)
- *Double headed axe: Cut the trees to be able to reach the door that is blocked by tree (drop at the top of the forest)
- *Oil covered sponges: Allow you to navigate on the lake
- Bottle of wine: Your energy decreases slower when you hold the bottle of wine
- *Sea-sickness pill: Allow you to wander through room with toxic gas/water flooding
- *Rusty old key: Open a path in the labyrinth (drop it in the third lock from the left of the screen)
- Sparkling gem: No idea?

Objects marked with (*) are mandatory to finish the game; all others are optional

The goal of the game is to reach the latest room of the latest underground sewer
You have to go through all the doors in Hide Park in a specific order and find the exit of each underground sewer.
The next sewer could be visited once you reach the exit of the current sewer (the door changes color to indicate that it could be opened).

1 - It's usually pointless to try to avoid monsters (but the X-shaped monster that kills you with one hit). Head straight to the next room, generally you will be out of the sewer before your energy reaches zero
2 - For the very same reason, don't bother with the bottle of wine
3 - Even if the "3 large stones" object is optional, take it with you so that you could regain some energy if needed
4 - If your energy is very low, look for a X-shaped monster that follows you and throw it some stones to regain energy (but don't touch it -> instant kill)
5 - Don't try to catch the "glass of potion" that you encounter in sewers -> instant kill
6 - In Hide Park, don't lose too much time as the time flies fast
7 - In sewers, the counter at the top of the screen will usually start to decrease as soon as you are in a room near the exit, so use it as a radar to find it.

In Hide Park, go to the north and take the following objects with you on your way : "Three large stones", "Vanishing herb", "Double headed axe", "Sea-sickness pill".
On your way, uses adequate objects to free path:
- Drop the "Double headed axe" to cut a path through the tree that blocks one of the door (the spot is up the door, next to the colored square block)
- Drop the "Vanishing herb" left to the yellow rock that blocks the path to the north.
Then head back for the first sewer down the south and proceed with each sewer until you finish the one you cut the tree to free the path.
Then go to the north, take the "Rusty old key" and the "Oil covered sponges" (bubbles that are up the keyhole).
Proceed with the next sewer in the quarry (you must do them all).
Go up the lake and when you reach the row of key-holes, drop the "Rusty old key" in the third to the left (all others are instant-kill), then head for the last sewer up the north and beat the game !
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