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Equinoxe Song Player V1.0

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download   01.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Ads (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   02.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Alpha (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   03.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Aventure (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   04.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Babar (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   05.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - BlackWing (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   06.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Calicoba (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   07.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Combodia (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   08.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Enolagay (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   09.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Gnome (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   10.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Image (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   11.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Lucky (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   12.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - MegaF2 (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   13.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Move (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   14.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Snap (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   15.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - SunSet (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   16.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Trans (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   17.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - WCopper4 (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym
download   18.    Equinox Song Player v1.0 - Zool (19xx)(Public Domain)(Eliot)(Equinox).ym

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LZH orignal source code obtained from the public domain ar002.zip written by Haruhiko OKUMURA.
Adapted to javascript for YM emulation © 2016-2022 Megachur


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