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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - START... INTEL FILE - CODE 12ZA/08/07003 ------------------------------- SUBJECT: OPERATIVE 12004 - CODE NAME: HAMMERFIST ------------------------------------------------ Based on human code no. 34589/AW, genetically suited to physical battle conditions. Proven record in the field in a variety of undercover and aggressive actions against enemy forces. 3589/AW killed in action in [CENSORED] during [CENSORED] action against [CENSORED] forces. Body recovered. Placed in storage in medical research establishment. Record incomplete - body disappeared in 2243. In same year surveillance traffic against corporate giant CENTRO-HOLOGRAPHIX stepped up. No evidence recovered, four state law actions closed through lack of evidence - accusations of bribery and illegal payments to judge and law officer CENTRO-HOLOGRAPHIX cease commercial trading - concentrating on financial support to 5 New Party politicians in world congress. Secrecy order code 1243/A254 still operative. END... START... INTEL FILE - CODE 12ZA/08/08A45 ------------------------------- SUBJECT: OPERATIVE 12457 - CODE NAME: METALISTS ----------------------------------------------- Based on human subject AW/867/Q12 Female of Eastern European origin. Medically proven as Category A fitness and agility. Trained as entertainment professional in state circus. Graduated with Honours from Khirov Military Intelligence Academy. Placed in active service in army intelligence - specialist cover agent - International branch. Lost in action in West Atlantic Countries. Body never recovered, details unavailable. Incomplete. Security Rating: Code 12E31 Highly sensitive. END... SECURITY ACCESS DENIED...FURTHER INFORMATION UNAVAILABLE......REPORT TO INTEL DEPT.HEAD FOR RATING ACCESS NUMBER......END... LOG OFF................................... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - HAMMERFIST INSTRUCTIONS GAMEPLAY The year is 2215 A.D. Holograms are indistinguishable from Humans. People are selected for their special skills and then transformed into holograms to commit murder, political crimes, or whatever their Master 'Centro-Holographix' orders them to do. In between missions, the holograms are stored in personality computers, or mind prisons. However, the computer storing two of the most powerful holograms ever created, HAMMERFIST and METALISIS, has malfunctioned, sending the two deadly assassins on one final mission - to destroy Centro-Holographix. You control HAMMERFIST and METALISIS on their mission. You must smash the security systems to gain access to later levels, kill the technicians and droids who try to stop you and collect the energy and weapon energy fizzles which they leave behind. Also, 'plug into' the recharge points to top up on energy in order that you might defeat the 'Octosquab', the giant ant and the multitude of aliens, both holographic and solid, which the Master will send out to stop you. HINTS AND TIPS CHOICE OF CHARACTER You must change between which character you control, depending on the current situation. Use HAMMERFIST when lots of repetitive aliens are on screen. Use METALISIS to reach higher levels of the screen, ledges and table-tops. WEAPONS When no weapon is selected, HAMMERFIST uses an ordinary punch. However, provided that the weapon is sufficiently charged, you can use either lasers - long range, more effective than punching but unable to open doors, or piston fist - short range, useful as a shield or for breaking down obstacles and doors. Also, METALISIS' flic-flac can be used as an aggressive manoeuvre as well as for rapid advancing and retreating. FLIC-FLACS There are two types of flic-flac which both have their separate uses. The low flic-flac is obtained by holding down the fire button and pushing the joystick up and releasing. However, if the joystick is held in the 'up' position, METALISIS will perform a high flic-flac which is vital for reaching higher portions of the screen. SECURITY SYSTEMS/DOORS Most doors are armed with a security system controlled by the Master's computer. This system must be breached to enable the doors to be opened. ENERGY Each character has their own energy level. These levels are reduced when the charcter is hit by an alien or their weapon and increased by collecting energy fizzles or by using recharge points built into the background. ICONS Destruction of opponents and obstacles release energy fizzles which form into various icons. Picking these up recharges the character and their weapon. If an opponent is killed ineffectively it will leave a question mark. These need to be punched/lasered to turn them into an effective icon. THE MASTER The power of the Master of Centro-Holographix will be present throughout the game. It gains strength from uncollected icons. Once his energy bar has risen to full, all energy fizzles dropped will be negative icons. If these icons are collected, your energy level will drop, as will his, if you do not collect them. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS COMMODORE AMIGA/ATARI ST Switch on computer and insert game disc (on Amiga 1000, 'kickstart' must be used first). COMMODORE C64 DISC Insert game disc in drive. Type LOAD "*",8,1 and press RETURN. COMMODORE C64 CASSETTE Insert cassette in Datacorder. Hold down SHIFT and press RUN/STOP. COMMODORE C128 Type GO64 and press RETURN. When prompted, type Y followed by RETURN. Now follow the relevant C64 instructions. SPECTRUM CASSETTE If available, use TAPE LOADER. Otherwise type LOAD " " then press ENTER. Press PLAY on tape recorder. AMSTRAD CASSETTE Press CTRL and the small ENTER key. Press PLAY on the tape recorder. AMSTRAD DISC Insert game disc in drive. Type RUN"DISC and press ENTER. CONTROLS All versions of the game can be controlled with a joystick as follows: Hammerfist Without fire button pressed With fire button pressed CHANGE CHARACTER PUNCH/FIRE UP ^ ^ | PUNCH/ | PUNCH/ WALK LEFT <---+---> WALK RIGHT FIRE LEFT <---+---> FIRE RIGHT | | v v DUCK PUNCH/FIRE DOWN Metalisis Without fire button pressed With fire button pressed CHANGE CHARACTER FLIC-FLAC ^ ^ | | WALK LEFT <---+---> WALK RIGHT KICK LEFT <---+---> KICK RIGHT | | v v DUCK TURN AROUND Turn into screen: Press FIRE three times Headbutt/Open doors: Whilst facing into screen, hold down FIRE and pull down Step into doors: Whilst facing into screen, hold down FIRE and push up Weapon select: Pull down and press FIRE twice And/or the following Keyboard Controls: Commodore Amiga/Atari ST: Turn into screen: Space Bar Weapon select: F1 No weapon F2 Piston Fist F3 Laser Fist Pause: ESC Start new game: DEL while in pause mode Music select: F6 Music on / Select tune F7 Sound Effects on F8 Sound off Options set-up: HELP while in title sequence Commodore C64: Turn into screen: Space Bar Weapon select: F3 No weapon F5 Piston Fist F7 Laser Fist Pause: RUN/STOP Start new game: Q while in pause mode Music select: F1 toggles between Music on/Sound Effects on/Music off Spectrum: Turn into screen: ENTER Weapon select: L toggles between weapons Pause: SYMBOL SHIFT Start new game: CAPS SHIFT while in pause mode Amstrad CPC: Turn into screen: RETURN Weapon select: COPY toggles between weapons Pause: ESC Start new game: DEL while in pause mode CREDITS: Games design by: Vivid Image and Phil Harrison All coding, graphics and music by: Vivid Image Developments Ltd Amiga/ST coding by: Andrew Bond C64 coding by: John Twiddy Spectrum/Amstrad coding by: Steven Dunn Konix coding by: Mev Dinc All graphics by: Hugh Riley Additional Spectrum graphics by: Gary Thornton Additional graphics by: Dokk Amiga/ST/C64 music by: Wally Beben Produced by: Colin Fuidge Tested by: Dave Cummins Instruction Manual by: Terry Morris A SOFTWARE STUDIOS PRODUCTION Copyright © 1990 Vivid Image Developments Ltd. All rights reserved. LOADING DIFFICULTIES We are always seeking to improve the quality of our product range, and have developed high standards of quality control to bring you this product. If you do experience and difficulties whilst loading, it is likely to be a fault other than the product itself. We therefore suggest that you switch the computer off and repeat the loading instructions carefully, checking that you are using the correct set of instructions for your computer and software. If you still have problems, consult the User Handbook that accompanied the computer of consult your Software Dealer for advise. In the case of continued difficulty, if you have checked all the hardware for possible faults, please return the game to THE PLACE OF PURCHASE. CUSTOMER ENQUIRIES/TECHNICAL SUPPORT (0734) 311666 ACTIVISION (U.K.) LTD. BLAKE HOUSE, MANOR FARM ROAD, READING RG2 0JN

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