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Spike In Transylvania

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SPIKE IN TRANSILVANIA (Code Masters) SPIKE TRIES TO RESCUE HIS SHIPMATES FROM THE INFAMOUS CASTLE IN TRANSILVANIA! SPIKE the Viking is washed ashore from his VIKING LONGBOAT, after an extremely rough NORTH SEA crossing. His fellow shipmates had long since given up trying to find the course they were following. He stumbled across an apparently sleepy village in a place called TRANSILVANIA! Unfortunately, he discovered that his friends were all held prisoner in the DUNGEONS of the local CASTLE. An incredibly mysterious castle, notorious for its TORTURE and STRANGE GHOSTLY INHABITANTS ... SPIKE starts his mission after waking up in a friendly villager's house. But wait, the door won't open! Has he been TRICKED by the villager? CONTROLS Up Move up the screen Down Move down the screen Left Move left Right Move right Up+fire Pick up object Down+fire Drop current object in inventory Left+fire Change current object in the inventory left Right+fire Change current object in the inventory right P Pause the game (press fire to restart) THE AIM OF THE GAME All of Spike's comrades have been locked away in the dungeons of the local castle. Spike must rescue all of his friends to complete the game. The prison cells are all locked but the keys can be found scattered throughout the castle. To find the keys you must explore its many rooms solving puzzles as you go. Spike has only a certain amount of energy that he can use before he becomes too tired to continue. If he loses all of his energy the game is over. HINTS * Vampire bats will bite if they get too close. * Avoid the moose heads, they spit venom. * Keep away from the castle guards. * Talk to the villagers, they may help. * Lightning bolts are lethal. CREDITS Program Paul Griffiths Design David Clarks (Genesis Developments) Graphics Russell Newman Music Lyndon Sharp Project Director Tim Miller Production Stew Regan & Shan Savage

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