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Billy The Kid

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Billy The Kid ------------- Take on the role of the most famous outlaw of them all - Billy the Kid. Come out with both guns blazing in the game of Western Gunslinging action! Gameplay: Your first task is to practice your shooting skills until you are good enough to be a real outlaw. Shoot cans and bottles off posts and keep cans in the air by continuously shooting them until you prove that you're a true sharp shooter. If you get through this first section you decide to rob a bank but unfortunately for you the law catches up with you and you get trapped inside. You must shoot your way out and get rid of all of the posse. But don't kill civilians or you'll lose valuable points! Such anti-social behaviour has really upset the local Sheriff and he challenges you to a showdown at High Noon. As the computer counts down, take five paces back then turn and shoot! A good shot will keep you out of the clutches of the law but a slow draw or a miss will mean jail for a long time......... (C) Virgin Mastertronic Limited 1989 Made in Great Britain (Transcribed by Robin Stuart)

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