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Bomb Fusion

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=========== Bomb Fusion =========== A terrorist group has planted bombs throughout the Sellerscale Nuclear Processing Plant and you, as ex super hero (ex after the 'Boris affair') have to go in and save the plant and possibly the Northern Hemisphere from destruction. The Plant's computer control system has malfunctioned causing even more problems. This computer system controls the movement of used fuel capsules from the ejection port to the packing case for storage and re-processing. Each capsule has an onboard computer that will lock on to you whenever you are in range enabling you to manually guide it into the packing case. All this, coupled with the fact that you also have the bombs to defuse should tax your super hero powers to the limit. So pull in your customised C5 (with fuel injection and go faster stripes) and Go For It!! HINTS: Although you have super powers, there may be platforms and bombs that you cannot reach. To help you there are pressure pads which, as soon as you jump on them, will propel you higher than a normal jump would do. You should always watch out for live bombs. You can survive about 3 explosions providing that you haven't come into contact with The Balloid. Your Radiation level is reduced to normal at the start of each level. Some bombs on the bottom row can be defused by careful jumping at the top. Look out for safe spots where Balloid cannot reach you. A MEMBER OF THE VIRGIN MASTERTRONIC GROUP OF COMPANIES The program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of Mastertronic. All rights reserved. (C) Mastertronic Limited 1989 Made in Great Britain SPECTRUM CONTROLS Z Left X Right Enter Jump AMSTRAD CONTROLS Z Left X Right Return Jump LOADING INSTRUCTIONS SPECTRUM Type LOAD "" and press ENTER AMSTRAD 464: Press CNTRL and Small ENTER. 6128: Type |TAPE and press RETURN. Press CNTRL and Small ENTER. PROGRAM (C) P.A.L. DEVELOPMENTS 1989

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